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A Little Bit of the Project, Without the Runway

December 17, 2010

Laura’s Blog Entry

Don’t know why, but it’s been a bit more festive this year regarding my birthday. December would not have been my first choice of a birth month, but then no one asked my opinion in the matter. It is such a busy time that I’ve given up trying to host a party or organize a celebration that is very complicated.

This year we were able to anticipate the scheduled craziness and went for a nice dinner the weekend before. There are also a few girls-only activities coming up to round out the celebration. I’ve really been enjoying the fun!

Neil and Mari surprised me this morning with a gift. There was a snow day called for school, so we got to sleep in. Then I saw this as I came down the stairs:

“Why?”, you may ask. Well because my gift looks like this:

Neil didn’t want me to catch a glimpse of a person’s shape in the living room and freak out. Let’s just say it’s happened before and leave it at that.

I’m really excited to have a dress form! It was in the plans for the studio redo, which has been postponed. Now I can fit my knitwear a little more easily. As well as photograph it myself without having to model it. That’s my favorite part! I’ve named her Hedy LaMannequin, after Hedy Lamarr. Cause she has no head. The mannequin, not Hedy.

For anyone who is interested, she came from Pier One Imports, of all places! While it is not adjustable like the professional ones on Project Runway, it was a whole lot more affordable. Those sucker are pricey! This one is so much prettier than the ones the fabric store is selling. The base is heavy cast iron, so it won’t be tipping over.

Love it! Thanks, family! You are the best!

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