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Holiday Wrap

December 16, 2010

Laura’s Blog Entry

One of the best things about the holidays is choosing wrapping paper and ribbon. It is a serious design choice for me. One limited only by budget.

This year I did pretty well at Target. I wanted some nontraditional colors for a change. I know. I’ve really gone crazy! The main paper is the turquoise with white snowflakes. For Mari’s gifts I chose the owl paper. Because owls are it, people. Especially if you are twelve. She was pretty jazzed about it.

The dark turquoise ribbon matched both, so that made it easy.

Then it was time to decide on the tags. You know those big bags of hundreds of miscellaneous tags you can get? Yeah. Not in my house. They always clash with the paper! I can’t be expected to look at that!

I found these tags as a download from Victoria Magazine. They were featured in a recent Christmas issue. Love that magazine. Here’s a link to the tags. There are other designs there as well. I had Neil use his computer wizardry and change the dark green to a turquoise to match the paper. I know. Obsess much? 🙂

Happy wrapping to everyone! Especially my BFF Melanie, who loves it SO MUCH. *sarcasm drips from the keyboard*

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