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Drawer-a-Day, Cool Tools

December 1, 2010

Laura’s Blog Entry

And you thought I quit with the cleaning and have only been knitting. I wish. The house got a fairly in depth scrubdown this week and I even managed to clean out one more drawer.

This was the fullest one so far, but probably the quickest. It was already pretty organized. I just had to empty each section of the organizer, wash it, vacuum and wash out the drawer and pop everything back in. Presto!

Not much to purge here. Just some spilled toothpicks and some old birthday candles. I did get rid of one old-fashioned vegetable peeler, since I have two newer, fancier ones.

The key to keeping these tools neat is first, a really big drawer. Then add a nice divider. Like items are grouped together for ease of use – like measuring spoons in one slot, wine stuff in another, etc.

The spoons and spatulas that get used daily are in a crock near the stove. It’s faster to grab one that way. Also there aren’t enough precious drawers in my sad little kitchen to put them away.

If this kind of stuff gets your blood pumping, you might enjoy a website I read on a regular basis called “Unclutterer.” It was created by Erin Rooney Doland, a reformed clutter bug. I like her perspective on things. Since she used to be a pack rat, she really does understand the challenges of getting organized, whether you were born color-coordinating your sock drawer or if you don’t even know what a sock drawer is.

I have a feeling I will be pouring over that site after the first of the year. Putting away the holiday decorations (which I haven’t even gotten out yet!) always throws me into a purging and organizing frenzy. Good times ahead!

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