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Verdant Shawl

November 29, 2010

Laura’s Blog Entry

This has been one of my favorite projects recently. The urge to knit a sweater came upon me like a tornado. I couldn’t focus on anything until I chose a pattern and yarn. The Verdant Shrugve by Gina Bonomo (Ravelry link) was in my queue on Raverly and nearly leaped off the computer screen and into my heart. Knit with a heavy weight yarn on size 10 1/2 needles it promised to be a quick knit I could be wearing in a few weeks time. Unlike a sweater that would require more yarn and probably take months to complete.

I knit it in Malabrigo Merino Worsted yarn. And now a moment of silence to emphasize the amazing loveliness that is Malabrigo. It is so yummy I am tempted to eat it. It’s a loosely spun yarn that is incredibly soft and fluffy. The really great thing is that it is not irritating to my often wool-sensitive skin. I’ll definitely use it again. At about $10 per ball it is priced pretty reasonably as well.

The color is 102 Sealing Wax and I am completely in love. I think I need some socks in a similar color. Then when I sit on my sofa and will completely disappear. Cause the sofa is the same color. Do I sense a theme?

Red is apparently the new black.

Verdant is a great pattern and an easy knit. My only change was that I seamed the arms only 12 inches instead of the suggested 15 inches.  I couldn’t get it on and off at 15 inches. I blame my short arms.

Finally, I really like the textured stitch pattern on the cuffs, called “rich man’s garter stitch.” I’d never heard of that before. it looks beautiful in this yarn.

In addition to the knitting there are some really cute sewing projects in the works. Can’t wait to post them! OK I am now off to get my chores done so I can get back to making stuff. Here’s to riding the creative wave for as long as it lasts!

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