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Knittin’ Mittens

November 24, 2010

Laura’s Blog Entry

Another finished object. Or pair of objects. These are for me. The pattern is Mittens for The Fisherman, (Ravery link) by Erica Lueder. I like the texture of these. I used two strand of Knit Picks Palette in color  Pool. (I seem to have a never ending supply of the stuff.) This yarn was a gift way back from Random Nichole. The gift that keeps on giving.

With all those detail out of the way let me say that I didn’t make them long enough. They don’t fit quite right in the thumb area as a result. I should have done one more repeat. I made them long enough for my hands, but because of where the base of the thumb starts, the fit is off. Totally my fault, I’m pretty sure. Oh well. They are nice and warm and will do the job. No way am I ripping them back.

It has certainly been a wool-licious fall. The other day I was wearing hand knit socks, a shrug, AND fingerless mitts. It felt a bit excessive. Perhaps I will limit myself to two items. Sure was warm, though.

Hope everyone in the US is preparing for a lovely Thanksgiving. I am hoping to zone out a good bit of the time and give my poor brain a much needed rest. Lots of movies and TV and reading and knitting. Let the festivities begin!

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