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Consignment Finds

October 22, 2010

Laura’s Blog Entry

A few Saturdays ago Mari and I did a bit of consignment shopping. We have some good options around here. First we hit the kids store where Mari found a lovely and totally unnecessary purple satin and velvet formal dress FOR TWELVE DOLLARS. Can’t beat that. How could I say no? She also go a cute dotted swiss blouse with ruffles for her ever-growing Gothic Lolita wardrobe. Plus a couple pair of much needed blue jeans.

Next we hit the teen store where I scored on a black Isaac Mizrahi silk skirt. Bingo! Mari got a couple of tops. All black and white.

Finally we went to a little shop run by a women’s group. It was really fun and I found a super-cute evening bag FOR FOUR DOLLARS. With the tags still on it.

With Mari’s new love of vintage, I hope this will be more of a regular thing. She’s a busy girl with things to do. I’m hoping she’ll be able to pencil me in for some future shopping. Since I’m generally paying and all.

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