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October 6, 2010

Laura’s Blog Entry

If I use the phrase “daily devotions” does your skin crawl and your eyes roll back in your head? Well you can call it anything you like, but I can’t get through the day, or even the morning without mine.

I have been dealing with anxiety issues for some time and the only way I have experienced any healing in this area is to take time to work on it. Facing the problem often stirs things up and makes it worse – FOR A TIME. That is the key. It is only worse for a time. We really resist doing what we need to do to get better. Human nature is a bitch. That’s the truth, folks.

Only thing that works for me is to do yoga, listen to meditation podcasts, read, reflect and pray. I am powerless against this in and of myself.

Right now I’m am learning a lot from the following books. If you are on a similar journey you might want to check them out.

Prayer by Richard Foster
This book is not a quick or easy read. I am slowing absorbing the information. Some sections jump out and me and some don’t seem to have any application at this time. It’s one of those books I think I might refer back to over and over as needed. I’ve given myself permission to skim parts if they don’t speak to me at the moment. There is a lot of seriously good content here to be assimilated. Pray is a hot button topic for many people but for me, it’s my lifeline.

Who Switched Off My Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf
I think this book may have saved my life! Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Melanie! The author talks about how negative and toxic thoughts cause illness and pain in our bodies. To heal this we have to become aware of our thoughts – which is difficult enough, but then we have to reprocess them into something that is no longer toxic. I’ve been through other seminars that deal with healing negative thoughts, but had trouble with the methodology. I have really clicked with this book and have been able to apply the systems of behavior. All the self-reflection is pretty exhausting, but worth the effort. I am seeing results and think I may someday kick this anxiety thing to the curb.

The Message Remix, by Eugene Peterson
Simple put, this is The Bible in contemporary language. It is sometimes a little too hip for its own good, but in general it is a fresh look at the text for me. I’ve become familiar with other translations and find myself skimming and not absorbing. This gives me fresh eyes and ears and I am getting new insights. Currently I am reading through the Psalms.

Funny how disciplined I can become when everything falls to pieces. When everything was going well I just couldn’t find the time for these kinds of things. Nothing clarifies priorities like crippling stomach pain. Just another page in the lesson plan of life.

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