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September 30, 2010

Laura’s Blog Entry

I have been in whirlwind mode around here lately. I got the home office/someday craft studio put back together after the initial purge. There’s been high octane housework like oven cleaning and furnace filter washing. Not to mention my must-make-it-from-scratch cooking kick. I’m kinda beat.

So yesterday I took a break from all that, well, most of that, and had a sewing day. There’s been a design rattling around my brain since January and I finally got to the nitty gritty of working out the construction and dimensions.

It’s for a drawstring bag to store knitting projects. Most knitters have more than one thing on the needles at one time. Different projects for different locations. For example, one project might be mindless and portable, and another might require more concentration and need to stay at home. Right now I keep my projects organized in zip top bags. These are handy, but not very pretty. I wanted to come up with bag that would be cute and soft as well as functional.

Mari was kind enough to let me use some of her leftover skirt fabric to try out my pattern. I worked out the details with paper cutouts first. Constructing something in one piece that has a lining is pretty tricky for my brain to work out. Figuring all of it out made me feel pretty accomplished!

It’s a fully-lined drawstring bag. It’s a good size for a project the size of a pair of socks, mittens or perhaps a hat or scarf. In the photo above I filled it with my current mitten project – including two 50 gram balls of sock weight yarn. It closes securely and should keep everything safe and sound.

I chose a  drawstring closure because you can leave the yarn in the bag as you work and feed it out the top. Keeps the yarn tidy. The contrast lining is cute! I didn’t have enough of either of the fabrics so I used both for the inside. Frugality becomes a design feature!  Didn’t have enough to make the whole drawstring out of the lining, so I pieced it together. I kind of like the look.

When I sew up the final version in the fabric I bought back in January I plan on doing a tutorial for the pattern. Never done one before, but have always wanted to try. Also considering sewing up a number of them and selling them in my Etsy store. What say you, knitters? Would this be something you’d be interested in? It’s waaaaaay faster to sew these up than to knit coasters, I’ll tell you what! Now that I’ve worked it out the process should go pretty quickly.

I even think it would make a pretty evening bag, done in a fancy fabric. The wheels are turning…

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  1. September 30, 2010 7:21 pm

    Very cool. I am always in the mood for a new knitting bag… 🙂

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