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Posey Pincushion

September 24, 2010

Laura’s Blog Entry

Introducing… the cutest little pincushion ever… Posey! This free design is by Kris Knits and was pretty quick to knit. Lots of increases and decreases, but nothing too complicated.

The hardest part for me was adding the contrast stitching on the outside. I tend to over-stuff when it comes to fiberfill. I don’t want it to get deflated at a later date so I pack it in. The problem is that made it nearly impossible to sew through the center. I solved the problem by jabbing a knitting needle through and creating a channel before putting the tapestry needle and yarn through each time. Worked pretty well. I give the credit for that brainwave to the episodes of “The Rachel Zoe Project” and “On the Road with Austin and Santino” that I watched while finishing this up. Fashion is fun and inspiring! And major!

The only thing I found unclear on the pattern was that you need a 12” double strand of yarn FOR EACH ROUND of the contrast stitching. It becomes pretty obvious when you are doing it, but I tried to get more than one round from one strand and it was not possible.

I raided my button box and found the perfect leather-covered button. It is a left-over from our tufted black leather chair. Once in a great while it pays to hang onto stuff “just in case I might need it.”

Can’t wait to stick this with all my little pins. My current pincushion was my mother’s traditional tomato shaped one and I estimate that it is at least 40 years old… and deflated.

Next up I want to make a little soft quilted case lined with felt for sewing needles. Already scoped out some cute patterns online!

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