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Dietary Requirements

September 21, 2010

Laura’s Blog Entry

Over the past two years, our eating habits have been evolving. As it became affordable to us we’ve been buying more organic produce and organic packaged foods. We’ve also cut our meat intake in half. To be honest, this change was as much a response to our slowing metabolism as is a desire to lessen our impact on the environment. We just aren’t eating as much food, period. (I’m talking about Neil and me. Mari is obviously growing and consuming more food.)

My latest strategy is to cut way down on processed white flour and sugar. I’m using a lot of whole grains, oat flour and agave syrup. I notice less of a crash now in the afternoons. I used to think it was a sugar crash but now I’m realizing it was carbs.

Anyway, the latest change has come as a result of Neil’s cholesterol. I’ve decided to cook beef only twice a month. I only used it about once a week before, so this isn’t a huge change.

We’ve already started eating turkey once a week (it’s said to help balance the glycemic index, so I’m all for that!). Now I’m shooting for fish once a week as well. I just need to build up my fish recipes. I like the ones I have; I just don’t have many.

While processing all this, a question occurred to me: How do you, dear blog reader, feel about change? I like change. I get bored with things always being the same. The challenge presented by a change seems to wake up my brain when it has gone to sleep from the ho-hum routine of life.

Sometimes changes leads to things we’ve never thought of. For example, this has made meal planning so much quicker. I know that I need a turkey recipe, a fish recipe, and a big salad each week and that’s three meals down. I’ll switch out the salad for soup when the weather cools. I never would have thought about this if we hadn’t needed to alter our diet. Even though I’m doing more things from scratch, the planning is much quicker. It’s give and take. That’s also one of the ways we’ve been able to afford the more costly organics and specialty ingredients – we are eating less meat, and so the cost has just transferred over to be spent on other things. We really haven’t felt our cost go up.

Change is not always easy. Or fun. The payoff is that I am feeling better and at least no longer gaining weight. It was so frustrating to be eating half as much and still gaining. Altering what I eat – a bit – has made a difference. We still have our treats. I find that I am satisfied with splitting a small ice cream with Neil. I don’t need to eat a whole serving myself.

So we’ll see how this goes. We’ve had a number of weeks without beef and we seem to have survived OK. Although I think those Chocolate Orange Cupcakes I made helped to distract us. Whatever it takes, that’s what I say!

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  1. September 21, 2010 2:16 pm

    Hi Laura!
    I, too, have been trying to watch what I eat in order to stay healthy and lose some weight. I try to shop only from the perimeter of the grocery store. I try to do 2 protein, 5 fruit/vegs, 2-3 dairy and 6 8oz H2O per day and that seems to work really well. When I eat breads etc. I try to be sure it’s a whole grain.

    I have some fave fish recipes if you want to swap. Also, i’ve been eating a lot chicken. It’s low fat and a great source of protein. I’m also looking forward to crockpot season!! I smell gumbo in my future…

    Your new food plan sounds great! Keep it up girlie! 🙂

    • September 21, 2010 4:12 pm

      Sounds like you have a good plan! That’s a lot of water to drink. I am trying to drink more. Slowly getting better. I’d love to swap fish recipes. I’ll have to scan or type them as most are from magazines. I’ll hit you up via email. Thanks for the encouragement!

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