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One More Vacation Post

July 19, 2010

Laura’s Blog Entry

We have returned from the land of the man with no hands.

He’s one of our landmarks that we are almost to our vacation destination at Lake Erie. It was a beautiful trip. And I need another week of it. No, really. I am home and barely functional.

Neil spent the last two days of his vacation participating in the 48 Hour Film Project for 2010. Which means he was up for about 36 hours straight, editing and making CG explosions. The film turned out great. We’ll keep you posted on how it does in the competition later this month.

But back to vacation…
There was loads of walking – we left our car outside the gated community, so we had to walk to get anywhere. Walk to get coffee. Walk to get ice cream. You know; the essentials. Plus we took lots of walks to admire all the adorable cottages.

This year there was a first – jet skiing!

Neil was pretty happy about it!

There was also a rigorous game of shuffleboard.

OK leisurely. I forgot, it goes against the shuffleboard code use “rigorous” and “shuffleboard” in the same sentence.

Upon arriving home we realized that we had gravely underestimated our need for vacation this year. I feel like such a whiner saying that. I am generally been good with work/rest balance in our lives, but it has run off the rails here somewhere. Neil does have a second week of vacation coming up, thank goodness. Last week was wonderful, but we are still a little crispy from the first half of 2010. I’d be OK if the rest of the year was  at a more leisurely pace. Will you remind me that I said that in a month or so?

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