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Lazy Days Skirt

July 13, 2010

Laura’s Blog Entry

This project is Mari’s. She really wanted to start sewing her own clothes. We tried using the machine when she was about six or seven, and it was a little too complicated for her. But at least she could make clothes back then out of paper:

Time marches on. Here’s her new skirt:

The pattern is a free download from Actually it just has instructions; no pattern is needed. It took some convincing on my part, but she finally gave in and started with a simple, elastic waist design. I didn’t want her to have to cut out a pattern and set in sleeves or anything more advanced for her first project. This just involves some straight stitching. It had to be really straight, especially the when sewing on the ribbon trim at the bottom.

I did increase the pocket for the elastic slightly in case she got off a bit. She did amazingly well! The true test is that she’s been wearing it a lot. I remember making lots of clothes that were pretty much uncomfortable and unwearable.  Ah the voice of experience. Hoping she can avoid my pitfalls – I’m so naive, right? How long before she stops listening?

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