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Darkside Cowl

July 12, 2010

Laura’s Blog Entry

It feels like summer is whizzing by. I am working on probably too many different projects and my stress level is hitting the red zone regarding Mari’s school situation. It’s time to step back, chill out, and admire some finished projects. The next few days I will post something either Mari or I have completed this spring and summer.

Today is the Darkside Cowl. The pattern is by Sarah Fama and is available as a free download on Ravelry.

The yarn I used was a skein of leftover Country from Naturally Caron in color 0012 foliage. This is a 75% acrylic mirrofiber and 25% wool. It is soft and drapey with a nice sheen. I was worried it wouldn’t have enough body to support the cowl, but it turned out nicely droopy, but not too much so.

I unfortunately misread the instructions the first time around and instead of repeating row two in between the odd numbered rounds I repeated the previously knitted row. Which did not product the zig-zaggy pattern. Once I got that straight it was a quick knit.

I might try this again with a yarn with a little more structure for a different look.

With the  completion of this cowl I have officially finished my first item of Christmas knitting. Yes indeed. I still need to work on that overachieving.

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