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Obsessive Quilting

July 6, 2010

Laura’s Blog Entry

Remember how this blog used to be all about the knitting? Yeah. Me too. Well these days I am all about the quilting. I started this little project last summer and it fizzled over the winter months. But it is back with a vengeance. Back like I’m sewing hexagons every chance I get. Back like I am still up at 1:00 AM cutting “just one more stack” of shapes while I try not to get fabric cutting all over Neil as he is sleeping.

This is a great travel project. it all fits in one of Mari’s old pencil boxes. I have my thread, the cut hexagons, the cardstock forms and a pair of scissors. I think I like cutting the shapes better than sewing them, but it’s all very satisfying. Which is good because I sketched out the quilt and did some calculations and apparently I’m going to need about 3300 hexagons. Hmmmm. I’m afraid to count what I have so far, but I doubt there are more than 1000 cut. I probably have over 200 sewn into flowers like in the photo above.

Never fear; knitting is not over. In fact if Mari and I could just get it together and get our photos taken we’d have quite a few finished things to share. Where are our priorities? I mean really!

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  1. July 6, 2010 9:10 am

    well, you’re doing a great job so far. All the little hex. Flowers are very pretty 🙂

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