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SOP042 – Pride 48

July 1, 2010

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It’s our triumphant return! And we haven’t completely forgotten how to hook up the recording equipment, so yay for us. On June 26, the Smiths’ Occasional Podcast took part of the 2010 Pride 48 broadcast. Pride 48 is 48 hrs of live GBLT/GBLT-friendly podcasts. Along with our special guest Hungry Lucy, we served up some GBLT-friendly talk and some chilled electronic tunes to cool off your summer! Did you miss us?

Music Guide

“As All Things End”
Artist: Neil Smith

“Just Imagine”
Artist: Hungry Lucy
Album: Pulse of the Earth

Artist: Hungry Lucy
Album: Pulse of the Earth

“The Long Ride Home”
Artist: Neil Smith

“Much Too Late To Help”
Artist: Neil Smith

Miscellaneous Links and Goodies
Thanks to everyone at Pride 48 for all the hard work behind the scenes. It takes much effort to make this event happen!

Do you Twitter? Swell! Follow us at I might occasionally tweet about Depeche Mode. Once in a while.

Find Christa Belle’s book Days with Indigo at
Here’s a little summary to pique your curiosity:
“Days with Indigo” is the cozy story of a woman, Chloe Adair, who is locked in the memories of her past. With much frustration, she desperately seeks for the meaning of her life. With time, tea, and recollection, she goes on a journey of the mind. Can certain truths ever really be known? Join Chloe, and her cast of faithful companions, and find out.

Gallery of Guys Neil Finds Attractive

The obligatory final Depeche Mode link:

2 Comments leave one →
  1. July 1, 2010 9:13 am

    Hands down… BEST INTRO EVER! 😀
    Thanks for having us. We had a blast, as always!

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