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June 16, 2010

Laura’s Blog Entry

One of my big summer project is to purge my filing system. Hopefully it is in preparation for a home office transformation into a craft studio, but even if that doesn’t happen right away, I am overflowing with files. Files and files and files.

While I prefer a home with a touch of minimalism when it comes to furnishing and decorative items, that preference is in complete opposition with my pack rat, I’m-not-sure-if -I’ll-need-this, better-hang-onto-it tendencies.

What I can bear to part with is hitting the shredder. On a side note, if you have questions about what financial documents you need to keep and what you can toss, here is a pretty concise list that helped me make some decisions.

And speaking of my shredder? Kaput. Literally ground to a halt yesterday. The basket is now overflowing and I am just getting started.

Along these lines, have you seen this site? It’s called

This brave soul, after some spring cleaning, was having trouble deciding whether to keep some items or let them go. So she is putting it up for a vote. She vows to abide by the decision of the internet. Except perhaps for the wax seal set. She might keep that anyway. (Which I think she should.)

If you find this site amusing, then check out its owner, the fabulous Sara Davis on the How Much Do We Love podcast. It’s a fun, upbeat, show about the good things in life. I’ve found some really cool stuff there, and Sara and her best friend Rob are sweet and charming and always make me smile.

So internet, it’s confession time. What organizing project have you been putting off?

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