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June 3, 2010

Laura’s Blog Entry

Well, we are knee-deep in what we affectionately refer to around here as “hell week.” Mari’s dance recital always falls on the last week of school each year. Which means the schedule is wacko.

Mari spends her days on field trips, having parties and cleaning out her locker, then we schlep over to dance practice for hours upon hours of rehearsals and costume creation. FYI – I have now become intimately involved with glitter. We are inseparable. [Insert the Martin Gore joke of your choice here.]

It’s all rather exciting. And tiring as all get out. But only three more days and we are free! Our days will be full of sleeping in and watching old movies and eating bon bons. OK, maybe that’s just me. Mari will be on the computer.

So to tide you over and make up for my sad lack of content,  here’s a crafty website that I love. It’s called The Purl Bee and is the online home of Purl Soho, an lovely fabric and yarn store in New York. We got to shop there last summer when we went to see Depeche Mode. At that time Purl had two separate little shops in Soho. Now they are combined into one space and it looks dreamy.

There are many sewing, knitting and crochet projects on the website to get inspired by and lots of free patterns! Thanks to Susan P. for telling me about the site a few years ago. It’s provided me with tons of ideas and I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

I’ll be back here again very soon with more craftiness and foodie-ness and Depeche-ness. Promise!

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