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May 19, 2010

Laura’s Blog Entry
It’s been eight days since I posted any crafty items. Long overdue! Life continues to be busy with financial record keeping (which may leave me bonkers), garden clean-up, and day-to-day tasks that keep us all fed, clothed and healthy. But I try to always make a little time for knitting.

I had projects for four babies in the works – two who have arrived, and two who are still on the way. The first gift has been delivered so now it is safe to post about it. I found the pattern for these booties on Ravelry quite awhile ago. I loved them so much I added them to my queue and waiting for the next baby wave. They do seem to come in waves, don’t they?

I made two pair; I liked them so much. The pattern is relatively simple. It involves increases and decreases to get the rounded bootie shaping. They key to this pattern is what yarn you choose. I don’t like them nearly as well in a solid color. Although I did see them done with a black bottom to the shoe and them the top was a contrasting color. They almost looked like little sneakers and would be appropriate for a boy if styled that way.

I followed the lead of a smart knitter on Ravelry and used a variegated yarn with a rather long color repeat.

That kept the colors from pooling. Pooling is when you get a big splotch of color on a finished item because as you go around (or across) the same shade in the color repeat lands in the same general area. I DO NOT LIKE POOLING. NOT ONE BIT. it really bothers me. I think it distracts the eye from the shape of the item or the stitch pattern. This had no pooling so I was very happy!

The pattern is called Saartje’s Bootees and was designed by Saartje de Bruijn. It is available here for free if you are a member of Ravelry.

The yarn is Patons Classic Wool in the colorway Forest. The brass buttons were found at JoAnn’s. I think the color of the buttons really complements the yarn. Super-cute little faux Mary Janes. Love it!

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