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Sage and a Haircut… Two Bits

April 6, 2010

Laura’s Blog Entry

Or perhaps I should have titled it “I’m Gonna Take My Thyme.” [Depeche Mode lyric alert!]

OK, Hope you haven’t worried that the blog is ending, too. Nope, just the podcast. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you can listen to our latest episode, “The Beginning of the End.” Now back to spring! The photo above is one of my porch pots I planted yesterday.

I’ve gotten out in the garden for a few cleaning sessions. Allergies have been brutal, but seem under control at this point. The back yard is an utter disaster and I won’t even post anything on that until I get more done there. But the herb garden is pretty easy to whip into shape. I got aggressive with a trim on the sage. It has just been so huge. I chopped it down to the bare bones and I’m hoping it will come back. If not I did find a little offshoot that I can use to start over.

Also the thyme was out of control.

The ring around it in the mulch is where it used to be. Looks like the oregano came back. Not seeing any parsley yet, so I might need to replant. Sometimes the basil self-seeds, but we’ll have to see about that, too.

The happiest thing is that the strawberry plant has returned.

I planted one on a whim last year. It has a few satellite plants around it now. I will need to cover them soon so the little critters of the neighborhood don’t eat them all. They got the few berries that grew last year. This year they are in for a fight!

The weather is lovely. Perhaps I can get out for another hour or so tomorrow. I am wrestling a new financial planning software to the ground and I  am looking for any excuse not to mess with the numbers. Dirt is much more satisfying if you ask me.

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