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Glittery Evening Bag

March 23, 2010

Laura’s Blog Entry

Hooray for finished objects! I started this little crocheted evening bag quite awhile ago, knowing that it would be a gift for someone at some point.

I had seen the Perfect Purse pattern online at, and decided it would be cute in a silver metallic. I don’t often use novelty, glittery or trendy yarns, but this seemed like a perfect application. I decided to try out Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Glamour in the color 412 platinum. This is a finer yarn than what the pattern specified, so I double stranded it.

Having taught myself to crochet, I still have some issues with keeping my edges straight. I have to be really, really careful or I end up adding a stitch or eliminating a stitch at the end of each row. I did a much better job on this project than I have in the past. I just really want all those stitches to line up as they go down the fabric.

The lace pattern was quite easy. It just took me several tries to interpret the pattern. I always run into issues with this – I start in the stitch they say to start in, but then my count is off at the end. I finally worked it out got the lace to be even. Then it was very easy.

I decided to go with a purchased blingy button instead of doing the crocheted matching button called for in the pattern. I think the one I chose works really well. Thankfully there was a fairly nice selection of silver and glass buttons at JoAnn’s. This one looks a bit vintage, don’t you think?  I waited to select the button until the purse was finished and blocked, to make sure it was the proper size. The lace functions as the buttonhole, so the size of the button was important.

I am very close to completion on the Weekend Retreat Cardi. There was an edging issue that has become a bind-off issue. I think I have it figured out, but will need to rebind one of the front edges. It’s a little irritating, but I learned a new technique, so it’s been worth the frustration. I hope to maybe have it done by the weekend.

Bear with me on the light postings – I’ve been dealing with some nasty headaches. Looking at the computer screen has been impossible some days. Stay tuned for a new podcast next week and maybe some food entries as soon as I can focus my eyes for any length of time!

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  1. March 24, 2010 12:52 pm

    You can crochet much better than I ever WILL! Any other craft I excel, but knitting and crochet? Forget it! This is so pretty, I love it!

    • March 24, 2010 2:19 pm

      Aw, thank you! Don’t know why I love knitting and crochet so much – they are just my most favorite activities. Something about creating fabric out of nothing, I guess!

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