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Welcome to the Jungle

March 18, 2010

Laura’s Blog Entry

This past weekend we weekend we had a free Saturday and nearly fainted from the shock of not having something we HAD to do. So instead of being couch potatoes, (that was what we did on Sunday!) we piled in the car and headed out to the ‘burbs to Jungle Jim’s International Market.

This place is a food destination. Among other things they carry 500 kinds of produce, 1400 kinds of cheeses, as well as 12,000 wine labels and 1200 beer labels from all over the world. Many countries have a separate section, the Asian and Mexican ones being the biggest, but even Greece and Scandinavia have little rooms full of specialty items.

With 150,000 items for sale and 10,000 square feet to sell it in, that place is totally crazy on a Saturday afternoon! And I didn’t even mention the animatronic characters that are placed around the store. Like the huge Campbell’s soup can that is sitting on swing, suspended above your head in the soup aisle. And yells, “Hey you! Yeah you in the soup aisle!” as you walk beneath it. I kid you not.

We came home with some old favorites, as well as some new items to try. Here’s just a small sampling of what we got:

I finally got to try Leffe Blond beer from Belgium. Tasty! Those monk sure do know how to brew some beer! It reminds me a little bit of mead, though not nearly as sweet.

We also got Pocky, which are crispy little sticks dipped in chocolate. Don’t forget the digestives and Walker’s shortbread from Britain. All so very yummy! A couple trips a year is about all I can handle of that madness, but it is a treasure to have such an amazing place in our city. Bon appetite!

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