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Fred and George

March 15, 2010

Laura’s Blog Entry

It’s been finishing time around here. I’m inspired to get things done so that I can start some new projects. These socks were completed just in time for our final cold spell in February. I’m calling it our final cold spell. Cause if it gets that cold again I may run away from home to California and never look back.

I used the pattern for the Fred and George Socks as a base, with a variegated yarn instead of the stripes and added some ribbing because plain stockinette makes me doze off after awhile. I started out doing a purl 4 knit 1 pattern to get a little chain-like stitch that runs down the sock, but I realized that I like how the inside looked better – which was a knit 4 purl 1 pattern. So I started over and did it that way. And actually it started out to be plain stockinette, but I got bored fast and that’s why the ribbing starts so far up the foot.

The yarn is Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino, Color: P223 that I bought at Purl in New York. That’s it for my New York yarn stash. Time to go back, I guess. Especially because Purl and Purl Patchwork are both moving into a shared space soon called Purl Soho! Looks wonderful!

Anyway, back to the socks. These are constructed from the toe up, my preferred method. The heel is a gusset instead of short rows. Having tried both, I think the gusset gives a better fit for my foot, which is wide at the front but fairly narrow at the heel. I think it will just depend on the overall sock pattern which heel I will use in the future. Whatever looks best.

One other alteration was that I made the socks longer. That’s why I love toe up – keep knitting until the yarn ends. I did do some increases at the calf for better fit. It’s tricky to work those is and not have them look too weird with the ribbing. Luckily I kept good notes when I did a previous pair of knee socks and just used the same increases.

Over all, I enjoyed the yarn, and the pattern is a good, basic one. I am currently working on socks for Mari’s birthday in this pattern as it was originally intended – two color stripes. She picked a wonderful, soft silk blend sock yarn in two standout colors. This pair will be stockinette, but the color changes are keeping me from going bonkers.

More finished items ahead… stay tuned…

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