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Celebrating Victories

January 4, 2010

Laura’s Blog Entry

Last night was the final night of the holiday break. We toasted with a little Hot Fudge Cake from Frisch’s. (Did you know you can get a small size? It is half as big and still very satisfying!)

I find myself looking back and forward at the same time on a day like today. As I was working on a New Year’s post, I was thinking about the goals I set the last few years that have come to fruition. Before I share some new goals, I think it is important to celebrate the goals that have been met. And the changes, little and big, that have been incorporated into our lives and become permanent.

  • For example, in January 2008 I declared war on clutter – specifically the stuff that gathers on the stairs. Well, I realized today that those stairs have been clear ever since. Two stinkin’ years, people. That’s a change I can get behind!
  • Last year I committed to being a bit more careful with my food dollars. I made a good start – and have a freezer full of stuff that might have ended up in the trash if I hadn’t been planning so well.
  • Another big victory was the amount of things I was able to make last year. Sewing, knitting, writing – it was an extremely creative year. I feel I really increased my skills and ended up with some wonderful finished products.

Sure, there are many things I want to do differently, and some things that tanked or got ignored completely. But today I focus on the positive. Tomorrow – on to 2010!

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