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Gothy Christmas Stocking – How To

December 9, 2009

Neil’s Blog Entry

Okay, so I don’t normally do crafty-type blog posts here, but there’s a first time for everything… and I really wanted to show you all the Christmas stocking I made – okay, decorated – for the holidays.

It all started with a standard red and white felt Christmas stocking and a stocking-decorating contest held at work. I made a quick trip to the craft store and then headed home to plunder Laura’s fabric remnants. Victory! Black leather.

The leather was a natural hide so there were many irregular shapes I could play around with. I cut the leather into strips of various sizes and began wrapping the stocking. I ended up using two large irregular shapes at the top, and several strips that got smaller and smaller as they went down to the bottom, stopping just before the end of the toe. The end result looked like a stocking that had been wrapped in one large piece leather, even though it was made up of many different pieces.

Oh, and I used a hot glue gun for everything.

I began by attaching a strip of old black jeans with ripped and unraveled edges to the bottom, just above the toe. Then I glued the leather strips, slightly overlapping each one, stopping just below the white trim at the top. Once the leather was finished, I cut up a spiked wristband and set it at an angle near the bottom. Another studded wristband was wrapped around the front edge, just underneath the second larger piece of leather.

I had one of those fabric tattoo sleeves from a Halloween costume from a few years back. I cut it longways and wrapped it around the white trim of the stocking. I then covered the bottom edge of the tattoo fabric with a spiked dog collar, which was glued into place. An additional piece of leather was cut and glued to form the trim at the top of the tattoo fabric.

A twisted strip of the tattoo fabric was then draped along the side of the stocking as a bit of gothy garland. It was tucked up underneath the dog collar and glued into place.

Next I glued some craft store rivets to the leather in selected places to further define the form to my liking.

I then attached some metal snowflakes, also purchased at the craft store, to the large pieces of leather.

Right above the spiked wristband, I glued on my Santa Claus. My Santa was made from two sets of those dimensional stickers used in scrapbooking. The first set was a Santa suit and bag of presents. The second set was a skeleton and coffin. A few simple cuts and a bit more hot glue later, and the skeleton was emerging from the coffin all decked out in the Santa suit.

Finally, I cut a thin strip of leather to make a band that I ran around the stocking a few inches below the dog collar. I added a few more rivets and used some vintage typewriter-ish looking stickers to spell out my name. How else will Santa know to whom it belongs?

So that’s pretty much it… All totaled, it took about six or seven glue sticks and maybe a couple of hours to put together and I’m very happy at how it turned out. Now I’m sure I probably forgot a step or something, so if you’re trying to make your own and have a question, please don’t hesitate to ask and/or make comments.

Still with no pithy catchphrase,


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