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Festivity Abounds

December 8, 2009

Laura’s Blog Entry

I know I shouldn’t be smug about it, but we’ve got some Christmas stuff up around here already. In the past we’ve been lucky to have it up by mid-December. It probably happened because Mari’s been talking about the holiday since before Thanksgiving.

Sunday we put up the tree. I miss the lovely scent of a real one, but when Mari was a baby we found out she was allergic. The artificial one we got is pretty nice. It’s not very big around, which is good since we don’t have much space.

Mari is a lover of routine, so she has one ornament that must go on first. The topper goes on last.

I even put some garland and lights on the mantle and pulled out a Christmas cross stitch I did awhile back. The sheep on this one is done in loops of floss so it has texture. Very cute.

There is an evergreen swag on the door (thanks for putting that together, Trader Joe’s), and I will, at some point, put some evergreens in the window box.

That will be it. We don’t get too crazy around here.

Ah hem. Well. Except for this:

Let’s just say this new little addition is so bright you can see it from space. Little Mari gets what she wants.

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