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An Itsy Bitsy Favor

November 4, 2009

Laura’s Blog Entry

OK folks, this is the last time I am going to post this… Well, perhaps except for Twitter… I’ve got a lovely recipe for Pasta Fagioli that I will put up, but first I need a favor…

Our band The Sleep has be nominated for a Cincinnati Entertainment Award. It’s kind of a big deal around here.

I am in complete and utter shock about how this nomination happened. Craziness!

So here’s where you come in. We need your vote! It only takes a second and DOES NOT, I REPEAT, DOES NOT involve registering for a site or anything.

Just go here and enter your email address. Scroll down to the “experimental and electronic” category and select THE SLEEP from the drop down menu. Hit the “submit your vote” button at the bottom, and BOOM, you’re done!


We would be ever so grateful! And when I say grateful, I mean grateful!

Thanks everyone! You’re super-swell! Enough with the exclamation marks, don’t you think?!!!

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