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Herb Garden

May 31, 2009

Laura’s Blog Entry

Working in the garden this season has been really fun and rewarding. Last week I got the herb garden into shape and I can’t stop myself from admiring it every time I drive by. I did some major weeding, dropped in some annual herbs and mulched up a storm with a carload of mulch.

I had an overgrown patch that’s been out of control for a few years that I haven’t known what to do with. I decided to try a no-dig method of clearing it out completely and starting over. I put down a layer of cardboard and then a good 3-4 inches of mulch. That is supposed to kill everything.

I plan to just leave it for a year and next spring plant something new. I need sit out there on a nice evening with my sketchbook and wait for an inspiration. I could do vegetables, but honestly, my soil is poor and I don’t want to have to water that much. So various perennials is probably going to be the direction I go. I do think I will add another path of paving stones through it to make it easier to access the deep front bed. I hate wading through the ivy.

Here’s the herb garden all done, except I have since taken out one of the sage plants and replaced it with parsley.

I am dying to get to work on the front and back yards, but this week has been nuts with Mari having dance rehearsals each day. I was running around getting supplies for that and trying to keep my head above water. And getting ready to put out the June podcast.

Next week you will find me in a lawn chair with a cold iced tea. Every day. Monday through Friday. Recovering.

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