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Depeche Mode To Resume Tour on June 8

May 28, 2009

Laura’s Blog Entry

The news we have all been waiting for!

For those who may not have heard, a number of date on Depeche Mode’s Tour of the Universe were cancelled after Dave Gahan fell ill backstage with gastroenteritis just before show time at the Athens, Greece concert. The situation was further complicated by the fact that Dave was diagnosed with a small malignant tumor in his bladder. He has since received treatment and is cleared to perform again June 8 in Leipzig, Germany.

We are sending good wishes Dave’s way and are so glad he has had such a speedy recovery!

Ticketholders should check for the latest information on the rescheduled dates.

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  1. Cathy Atkinson permalink
    May 28, 2009 9:32 am

    Hi Laura, its not the news I was waiting for! I have tickets to see them on Saturday in London. I am disappointed that they have had to cancel the concert, but am more concerned about Dave’s health. I think its very worrrying that he has had a malignant tumour and wonder if I will get to see them later this year either at a re-scheduled gig or the concert I have tickets for in December. I just hope Dave is okay.Cathy

    • May 28, 2009 10:11 am

      So sorry about Saturday’s show. I know of people who already flew over there and now have no show to go to. Since this news comes from the official site, I think we have every reason to believe Dave is well enough for the June 8 show. They say that the tickets for Saturday’s show will be valid for the rescheduled date, and that date will be announced “shortly.” It is just such a relief to have actual news! We’ve all been very concerned for Dave and it sounds like everything looks good and with a little more rest he’ll be back on stage.

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