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Cleaning Blitz

May 17, 2009

Laura’s Blog Entry

I really enjoy entertaining. It’s been quite awhile since we’ve done any, so I am ramping up for some dinner parties I have dreamed up. So far one is a reality while the other is just in the concept stages.

One thing I love about having people over is it gets me in gear to do spring cleaning tasks that are ignored during regular day-to-day housework. With my Friday deadline before me I feel like I am – so far – avoiding a frenzied freakout and just enjoying getting things organized and tidy.

There was one dinner party where I felt the need to pull out furniture and vacuum behind it. And scrub the stove with a toothbrush. Good times! This round involved pulling up registers for the heating and air conditioning system and vacuuming out the ductwork and scrubbing the registers. The air just feels fresher in here now, I’m telling you.

Also I took down all the pots on the pot rack and cleaned the grid.

And a very satisfying job of reorganizing the Depeche Mode memorabilia.

Up this week: kitchen tile and steam cleaning the wood floors. It’s all so very satisfying. I swear I sleep so much better when I am cleaning like this. Physically tired and emotionally balanced. Well, physically tired anyway.

So what little cleaning task has been nagging at you lately?

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