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Depeche Mode Spoilers and S**t

May 10, 2009

Laura’s Blog Entry

Depeche Mode did a warm up show for the Tour of the Universe on May 5 in Luxembourg. This first clip contains spoilers, so you have been warned. Me, I want to know every possible detail about the show before I get there. That way I know where to watch at any given moment. And I know not to bring my 10-year-old since “Strangelove” is a bit strange.

Here’s the show finale. Please note Martin is wearing one of THE BEST outfits ever! Fantastic. No kidding. I bet that man sparkles in the dark.

Below is a little catch-up on the in-studio web clips they have released.

The Prada Cape. This makes me smile. I love that such a funny guy writes song that can make me cry.

Producer Ben Hillier keeps his composure despite MIDI issues.

Martin and Dave work on vocals for bonus track “Ghost.” These are the harmonies that keep bringing me back.

Martin lays down a guitar line for “Ghost.” If you aren’t bobbing you head to this song I question if you possess a pulse.

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