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Garden Therapy

May 8, 2009

Laura’s Blog Entry

Isn’t it amazing how optimism returns in the spring? The Sweet Woodruff is in bloom.

Until this week there had not been one lick of gardening done around here. It’s been the perfect temperature for it, but every time there was a block of time available it always seemed to be raining. Finally everything worked out and I got going cleaning out the herb garden.

I was kind of dragging that morning and had my doubts about whether I would last long enough to get the whole area completed. But once I got everyone out of the house, brought out the tools and fired up the iPod, I made short work of the mess. I was thrilled to see the oregano that was planted last year came back.

The rosemary never makes it through the winter, but oregano is a trooper, apparently. There was lots of mint to get rid of. I love my mint but it’ll drive you nuts if you’re not careful. Spreads like mad. Trimmed up the sage and made plans to ship off the smaller sage plant across town to a friend’s house in a few weeks. I hate to pitch a perfectly good plant, so it’s nice to find it a new home.

It was only after I finished the whole thing that I realized I seem to be back up to full energy level. It’s been 8 or 9 months since I got really sick. I had given up on the hope of not feeling tired every day. But voila! At last my energy has returned. Actually it came back really, really slowly. It’s just becoming visible now. I’ve learned a lot about patience through this. Patience with myself because I just couldn’t accomplish everything in the same amount of time that I used to.

Prioritizing has been the key. I gave up stuff that wasn’t incredibly meaningful AT THIS VERY MOMENT. Some of those things are coming back. Some of them are gone for good. And good riddance, I say! I’m especially happy to say good riddance to obligation. I did so many things out of obligation alone. What a waste. Everything needs to have value, either to you or to someone else. Otherwise – bye bye!

Tomorrow’s weather report looks like it might co-operate so hopefully I’ll get to fill the wheelbarrow again. What a fabulous feeling. Like therapy. But cheaper.

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