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Review: Depeche Mode on Later… With Jools Holland

April 29, 2009

Laura (& Will’s) Entry

My friend and The Sleep guest guitarist Will Crewdson had the honor of attending last night’s taping of Depeche Mode on “Later… With Jools Holland” in London.

What did he do afterwards? Go out for a pint? Curl up with a good book? No! He sent me a little report of the evening’s festivities, which I am happy to share with you here. Enjoy!

Thought I’d send you a mini-reviewette.

They did “Wrong” twice (one for each of the 2 shows), “Come Back,” “Walking In My Shoes” and “Personal Jesus.” Fu@&in ‘ell!

When we walked into the studio we were a bit dismayed to find ourselves shoved at the back almost behind the stage they were playing on until… who’s that standing right next to us waiting to go on? Dave and Mart and Fletch! They were right there and when they did eventually take the stage and play it was actually a very cool vantage point to be almost onstage with them. Nice experience. Another advantage (probably to only me, mind) was that I was right next to the guitar tech and had a good gander at Martin’s array of six stringers as he tuned them. I would die for that custom white square Bo Diddley Gretsch he has.

All sounded great to me and Dave was in fine voice. Funniest moment was during the live broadcast when someone in the TV crew suddenly realized that Fletch was nowhere to be found! They had to send someone out to get him just before they were starting “Personal Jesus” and Dave was laughing and pointing out that he was “havin a fag.” (English for cigarette dontcha know – I’m sure you do but just in case.)

Anyway – sorry for gushing but I thought you’d appreciate some details.

Indeed I do! Thanks, Will!

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  1. Vivi Ball permalink
    April 30, 2009 7:53 am

    …God i wish i was there! can’t wait to see them in israel, romania, bulgaria, hungary and portugal! check my blog for more on feeling the dm way. have a nice dm year! vivi

    • April 30, 2009 8:12 am

      You are so lucky to see so many shows! Thanks for the link, I’ll be following along…

    • Svetoslava permalink
      May 2, 2009 12:55 pm

      See you in Romania and Bulgaria, Vivi!!! 🙂
      “The most amazing crowd ever…” :):):)

  2. Vivi Ball permalink
    April 30, 2009 7:54 am


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