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Create or Die

April 13, 2009

Laura’s Blog Entry

Whilst looking over the homepage of this here blog, I realized that one would not even know I am a knitter/crafter. That is a darn shame. It is also a complete misrepresentation.

It appears to be related to the fact that I’ve been down in the dumps lately. It’s been a tough few weeks on the parenting front. I think we are emerging from the darkness, but I never want to speak too soon on that. Anyway, I realize that other than some knitting, I have not been doing anything the least bit creative. We have shelves and shelves of supplies. I have lists and lists of plans. But nothing is happening.

I gave myself a serious talking to at the beginning of the week and it seems to be sinking in. It’s time to do some creative stuff or I am going to shrivel up and die. We’ve been churning through some brain-cell-killing financial stuff and it’s been no fun. No fun at all. As some of those projects get checked off the list, I feel a bit more freedom to get back to living a more balanced life. Work AND fun. Both need to be present every day.

Here’s what’s going on. First, the knitting. The photo at the top of the post is my latest batch of coasters, freshly felted and laid out to dry. I designed a few new colors for my Etsy store. This is Susan:

I made it for the lovely Susan P. to match her office.

This is Wendy:

For those who hang out at Red Tree Art Gallery and Coffee Shop, I did this one for Wendy the owner. It’s in red. For Red Tree. I know. Subtle.

And this is the newest – Lauren:

A hot color combo for summer. I made it on the recommendation of graphic designer and part-time belly dancer Lauren, a friend on the Twitters.

I have also drummed up some business making cotton hats. I’ve got four orders and I am already going to town on them. Here’s the color palette:

I really love Lion Brand Cotton-Ease yarn. Nice to work with and comfy for a spring/fall hat. A few of these colors are new. Love them!

Finally, Mari and I hit the craft store the other day when she was off school. We were armed with a 30% off coupon and the desire to stimulate the economy. We did our own small part:

Mari got a pen and ink set for her Manga project (more on that later). I got the yarn and splurged on a bead organizer. We had movie night and while munching popcorn and M&M (thanks Fairy Princess Holly for that idea!) I got everything transferred to the new box. The craft armoire is a frigging disaster, so this was stage one. Now I just need a magic wand to shrink two armoire’s worth of stuff down in to half an armoire. Mari got a wand at Harry Potter Camp. Wonder if she’ll teach me to use it.

As I emerge from my funk I find myself inspired by some cool sewing blogs, so I REALLY want to get out my machine and whip up a spring handbag. After I restock my supply of handmade cards, of course. And then there’s the Christmas book that is now 2-3 Christmases behind and the scrapbook for our trip to LA however many years ago.

Either I am feeling better or I need an intervention. Let’s go with feeling better.

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  1. April 13, 2009 1:53 pm

    Thanks for the shout! Great final product, so springy. I’d love to see these hats you speak of…!

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