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In Search Of… The Queen City’s Best New York Style Pizza – Part 4

April 6, 2009

Neil’s Blog Entry

This latest installment centers around a pizza place that wasn’t even on our list in the first place. So today is Saturday. The first Saturday in quite a while where we have nothing on the schedule. Naturally, I say, “Let’s put something on it!”

I decided that today, since we had no other real plans to try another pizza place on our list in search of the best New York style pizza in Cincinnati. My plan was to head out to Mason, Ohio to visit one of the many alleged New York style pizza places mysteriously located in that part of town. Unfortunately, Mason is a good half hour drive from here and we just weren’t up for that today. Call it laziness. Call it sluggishness. Call it whatever you want. Point is we didn’t go to Mason. I thought we could try Lucy Blue Pizza, but it was closed. Then I thought about taking Laura and Mari to Balboa’s since I enjoyed it so much – but it was closed. So I did some quick looks online and found another place that wasn’t on our original list. In the end, we drove about 10 minutes to Mt. Lookout to a place called Ramundo’s Pizzeria.

Stop #4: Ramundo’s

Ramundo’s Pizzeria promises “A slice of New York in Mt. Lookout.” It’s a very small place, designed primarily for take out – there are only two small tables inside and two outside on the sidewalk. Our friend Bryan says that they have the best sausage pizza in town and I believe him. The place smelled great… very fresh. Very homemade.

We ordered a 16” cheese pizza and three drinks. The total bill was $17.86.

Now, it was not what I would call “New York style” but it was not bad pizza by any means. In fact, the sauce was incredible and the whole thing was very fresh tasting. But I think they missed the mark when it came to the crust. It was more like a biscuit dough rather than a bread dough. Laura says it was probably more of a baking powder crust and not a yeasty crust, but whatever the reason, it was lacking that certain tangy flavor of a New York crust. But, like I said, a very good pizza. Just not the authentic New York style I’ve been looking for.

While eating, I described the taste to Laura as, “if a slice of Dewey’s pizza and a slice of New York style pizza had a baby, this would be it.”

Another way I described it – and I am well aware this may sound bad, but it’s not – at least it’s not intended to sound bad – but I thought it had the flavors of a frozen pizza – something by Red Baron – but all the freshness and quality of a homemade pizza. I know that some people will find that statement offensive, but I don’t care. Like I said before, I ain’t no food critic, but I knows what I like.

Ramundo’s also offers something called “Ramun-dough bites,” which are little rolls of pepperoni and cheese wrapped in pizza dough. These sounded absolutely delicious, but being so full of pizza – we ate all but one slice which we took back home with us, and which Mari has just eaten as I type – so we didn’t get any of these this time around. But I’m sure we’ll be back to Ramundo’s in the very near future.

Still with no pitchy catchphrase,

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