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TGI Depeche Mode Friday

March 27, 2009

Laura’s Blog Entry

Here’s a couple more studio clips of Depeche working away on their forthcoming album. Hope this holds you over until our new podcast comes out next week.

For any new blog visitors, we do a free monthly podcast. We play indie and electronic music and chat about pop cuture. Fun and silliness abound. Hope you’ll stop by and check out the new episode that will be out on April 1.

As promised, here’s the Mode. (We kinda like the Mode around here.) The guys take a little breather and break out an impromptu version of “Stand by Me.”

Here Dave works on vocals for the song “Light.” Is it just me, or does Martin’s hair even look cute when he wears headphones? No need to reply. I know the answer!

PS – I heard the album opener, “In Chains” last night. It is seriously fantastic. Crazy analog electronics combined with heartbreaking lyrics and harmonies that reach down into your very soul. Oh Depeche Mode, I never doubted you could do it again.

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