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Spring Cleaning

March 9, 2009

Laura’s Blog Entry

Where did the weekend go? What a whirlwind. Mari had a speech competition on Saturday and on Sunday we recorded a commentary podcast for The Sleep album Never In a Million Years. So here we are again, surprised to find ourselves dealing with a Monday.

The weather here has been glorious – 60’s and ‘70’s. There has even been some sunshine. Amen, Hallelujah! My attitude always seems to turn around when there is more sunlight and I am not freezing to death.

So of course a little spring cleaning is in order. Around March, things get a little tired around the house and need changing up. One easy way to get started is to rework our art wall. I dug out some of Neil’s college art work, added one of Mari’s creations, and finished it off with a piece we bought at a local art show. I love that this hanging system means none of this stuff needs expensive framing.

Oh and it was time for “Strangelove” to make a comeback. A nice shot of orange for spring. I had hoped to buy a new sectional sofa, possibly even in orange, for the living room this spring, but I am getting nervous about the Depeche Mode budget of it all. I just got tickets this morning for the New York City show; it all feels a bit more real and more expensive. Who knows how much we can pull together by August for travel expenses.

So the sofa’s on hold for now. Yes, Martin Gore, I chose you over a sofa. A more than fair trade, if you ask me.

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