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What’s Pink and Hangs from the Ceiling in a 10-Year-Old’s Room?

February 25, 2009

Laura’s Blog Entry

No, not a very bad Barbie who is playing serial killer. Stay tuned for the answer.

My organizing kick is still ongoing. Neil’s parents came to visit this past weekend. Isn’t it so nice when you clean for something like that and then the house remains pretty nice looking on into the next week? I am loving it.

I also took a look at the functioning of Mari’s room and it was sad, sad, sad. As her interests change, we have to update the way her tiny little room is set up or it is chaos! Here’s a before picture so you can see I’m not making up the mess:

Oh the humanity!

First I got the bed/bookshelf area back together (which involved moving out some books she had outgrown.)

Then it was time to move on to the corner of the room that was just being wasted. Note the cat sitting next to the vaporizer in the next photo. He has fallen in love with it and visits it often. We call it his girlfriend. He loves to sit next to her, and sometime he pokes her with his paw, making the water slosh around. One time I found her upside down, her water completely dumped on the rug. I don’t even want to know.

Here’s the after:

I relocated her little table and chair and set her up a work area that doesn’t interfere as much with the traffic pattern in the room. She is nearly ready for a proper desk, but she loves this little table that was mine when I was a child. Next year I think we’ll have to get something bigger.

Low and behold, we found the perfect finishing touch at IKEA over the weekend. You have to take your in-laws to IKEA when they visit. Especially if they’ve never had the meatballs. Anyway, they had small canopies for $15, so we gave in and got her one:

She was up until midnight the first night just lying awake staring up at it. To say it made her happy would be a gross understatement. She loves to climb in there, shut the curtains and read or play with her Nintendo DS. Her pink DS. I’m hoping the canopy possesses magical powers that make homework fast and easy. There was no such claim on any of the packaging, but I remain hopeful.

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  1. February 27, 2009 11:36 am

    omg, Mari has the coolest bedroom EVER!

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