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Stray Theories – Oceans, Vol. 1

February 16, 2009

Neil’s Blog Entry

This is an absolutely beautiful album that’s like a deep, soothing massage for your brain, your spirit and your soul.

It starts off with “Sleep” which instantly moves the listener into one of those “I’m gonna just lie back and take this all in” kinda moods. It’s very close to ambient, but with subtle drum tracks and rhythm tracks buried deep down in the mix, it achieves a style all it’s own. The synth-work is never over done and yet somehow never lacking in it’s simplicity and grace.

A favorite track is “Dreaming,” which is a beautiful piano piece. This song just really flows. I get lost when I listen to it. I don’t know if it’s a remake or a remix or re-imagining, but it’s obviously the sister song to “Part of Me” from another Stray Theories album, Eyes Closed.

The rest of the tracks play out in this same vein, some more elaborate than others, with the addition of delicate piano melodies and more electronics here and there. But as in the above mentioned tracks, they never overpower. Stray Theories has found a nearly perfect mix – a perfect blend – of electronics, ambient sound and elegant melody. I highly, highly recommend picking up this album.

Here’s where you can purchase it:


Or if you use, it’s a killer of a deal there.

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