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I Dream of IKEA

January 17, 2009

Laura’s Blog Entry

January is my most favorite time of the year for organizing. I think about what isn’t working around the house and what I can do about it. During Mari and Neil’s holiday break we did a little shopping – something I adore, but refrain from since I no longer have an income. But we bit the bullet, and ventured into dangerous territory, namely the new Container Store and the not so new IKEA. Holy Mother of All Things Organizational, those places give me a serious buzz.

First up was the Container Store. Here we purchased a new trash can for our bedroom:

Exciting I know. Not nearly as exciting as when Mari threw up in the old wicker one, but definitely more fun!
We also picked up a small folding hamper for the bathroom.

I finally realized that undressing in the bathroom, then carrying the dirty clothes upstairs to the hamper, then carrying the dirty clothes down two flights to the basement on laundry day didn’t make all that much sense. And it only took me 14 years in this house to figure that out. Hurrah!

A few days later, we spent the afternoon at IKEA. We started out with lunch at the café and then we tackled the whole store at a leisurely pace. We scoped out all the sectional sofa and kitchen cabinets, for future reference. Then we picked up a few needed items. Like a new toilet paper roll holder.

Sorry Target, the old one we bought from you was crap and fell apart on a daily basis and clattered noisily to the tile floor and gave me a heart attack. This one is blissfully silent.

While we’re in the bathroom, aren’t these little butterflies cute?

They were from Susan P’s wedding. She gave some extras to Mari. Every girl needs a little pink in her bathroom.

Other miscellaneous items from the CS – a section of hooks for Mari’s room to hang her dance clothes and her pink boa – and her golden compass. Like from the movie.

Also a plastic container for her new cooking utensils that she got for Christmas. Now she can use her own when she makes all her fairy food.

We couldn’t leave IKEA without passing the Marketplace. Literally. It’s right there, with its soft-serve ice cream and its hot dogs all at uber-reasonable prices. Not to mention the Swedish specialties like Peppakakor and chocolate horses. A delicious end to a delicious day.

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