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Welcome to Gothy Musicland (The Final Chapter)

January 14, 2009

Laura’s Blog Entry

After a year of writing and recording, and what seemed an intolerable amount of time setting up distribution, I am happy to report that it’s ready!

Our debut album, Never in a Million Years, is now available on iTunes in the US and UK.

It will also soon be available on Rhapsody.

We are offering a free digital booklet on our site, should you enjoy that kind of thing. It has all the lyrics and such.

A sense of calm has descended. And a whole new to-do list of tasks has been created. We are just in the beginning stages of doing some promotion. As complete newbies to this “active promotion stuff,” we are on a steep learning curve. If any of you internet-savvy readers have any suggestions for online magazines, podcasts, internet radio stations, etc. that we could contact, please let us know. We’re not too proud to ask for your help!

Here’s your little factoid of the day:

The photo on the cover is NOT me. It is actually Julia Trotti, a photographer from Australia who generously allowed us to use her photo. Sorry to disappoint you, Daniel Brewer. But she does have great hair, doesn’t she?

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