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OK, It’s a Loose Association, But It’s a Start

December 16, 2008

Laura’s Blog Entry

As I was checking my blog stats today as my obsession leads me to do, I noticed a very odd Google search someone had done that led them to our site:

who are the smiths dooce

I spent a few minutes wondering what in the hell The Smiths had to do with Dooce and then moved on to scanning my RSS blog feeds. Which included this blog entry on Dooce.

Ah ha! Bingo! So I had to Google “who are the smiths dooce” myself to see what I could see:

Awesome. Probably the closest association I’ll ever have with the marvelous Heather B. Armstrong. I’ll take it. I feel sorry for the inquiring person who came to our blog looking for the answer to his or her question about The Smiths.

But I am a helpful sort, so here you go… you are looking for these Smiths.

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