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Winter Knitting

November 25, 2008

Laura’s Blog Entry
There is nothing better than curling up in the evening, or heck even during the day, with a nice ball of wool and some pointy sticks. It’s productive, yet comforting. It lazy, yet I have something to show for it.

As I near my two year knitting anniversary, I have decided that winter is the very best knitting time of the whole year. You get to make mittens for your child… and then she can wear them!

You get to make crazy hats… and give them as Christmas gifts. Except when they are hijacked for use in November. Oh well.

And you also get to knit yourself some fingerless gloves. And let your child model them because they almost fit her because you have freakishly small hands.

This was my first experience with cables and I can’t wait to do more. The twists seem to happen like magic, even though I know how it works.

Once again, thanks to Random Nicole and her gift box. She sent me the Knit Picks Palette yarn that I used for the gloves and mittens plus the mitten instructions.

As a result of all this yarn happiness I’ve decided to cram in two more Christmas gift projects. Hee Hee. I am giddy with knitting joy.

Pattern Guide:
Mittens: “Plain Jane Mittens” by House of White Birches (a brochure). Three strands held together – Knit Picks Palette in black.

Hat: Pattern: “Jackyll & Hide.” Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease in 99 Fisherman for washability.

Fingerless Gloves: Pattern: “Fetching.” Yarn: Two strands held together – Knit Picks Palette in Ash.

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  1. Bryan permalink
    November 27, 2008 1:39 pm

    Don’t know how long they took, but you should do the fingerless gloves for your etsy site. You wouldn’t believe how long it took D to find some she reasonably like to fit her hands. Actually, even finding some she didn’t like took a while.

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