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Zone Out at Work iMix

November 23, 2008

Neil’s Blog Post


This iMix is a series of instrumentals by several of my favorite bands and musicians.Some times while I’m working on a particularly big and/or time-consuming project, I like to zone out a bit and this is the stuff I listen to do that. While technically speaking, they’re not all instrumentals, they all have that something that simply removes all sense of time while you’re slaving away at your desk or wherever it is that you work. So just set it to repeat over and over again for the whole day and have at it. NOTE: For optimal listening pleasure, set your iTunes preferences to a 6-10 second crossfade. Enjoy!


  1. New Order – Elegia from “Low Life”
  2. nearLY – Blackwing from “Reminder”
  3. Stray Theories – Part of Me from “Eyes Closed”
  4. This Mortal Coil – Ivy and Neet from “Filigree and Shadow”
  5. Faunts – High Expectations from “High Expectations”
  6. nearLY – Liars Day from “Reminder”
  7. BT – See You On the Other Side from “This Binary Universe”
  8. Trentemøller – Moan from “The Last Resort”
  9. Neil Smith – 0006 from “When All Is Said And Done”
  10. nearLY – One Day I Was Gone from “Reminder”
  11. Nine Inch Nails – A Warm Place from “The Downward Spiral”
  12. Neil Smith – 0001 from “When All Is Said And Done”
  13. Cocteau Twins – The Thinner the Air from “Victorialand”
  14. Cocteau Twins – Otterley from “Treasure”
  15. Mogwai – Kids Will Be Skeletons from “Happy Songs for Happy People”
  16. Satellite City – Palm Canyon Drive from “Travels”
  17. Neil Smith – 0008 from “When All Is Said And Done”
  18. Nine Inch Nails – Leaving Hope from “Still”

Still with no pithy catchphrase,

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