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November 3, 2008

Laura’s Blog Entry

It was one of those rare years when Halloween fell on a Friday. This made the night oh so much more pleasant to deal with. First of all, we take a break from homework on Fridays, so there was no mad rush to get that out of the way. Plus there was no pressure to get the child to bed at a reasonable hour for school the next day.

This set us up for what Mari refers to as “The best Halloween, ever!” Considering that earlier in the week we had a costume crisis, this was high praise.

Over the last month or so Mari had expressed interest in being a witch. I think she was inspired by Harry Potter. But last week, she had a change of heart. Her mean old mother had already lay down the law that we own about a million costumes so we did not need to purchase one this year. Not a popular decision, I assure you.

I offered to make a costume store in my room where I merchandised a few choices, narrowing the field. One never knows how an idea like this will fly. There’s a 50/50 chance it will go down in flames. But I pulled out the big guns and found an old gold lame skirt ( that’s la- may, not lame) I had made many years ago for some holiday event that never ending up happening.

Mari’s creative vision kicked in and she decided to be an Asian princess. She had a pretty top to add to the ensemble, and instructed me on a hairstyle that would incorporate chopsticks. A little eye makeup and bingo! We were in business.

Add the fact that Mari was invited to trick-or-treat in her friends cozy little neighborhood and you have a recipe for greatness. She and her friend were able to go out without parents for the first time. They planned ahead of time to tell each other scary stories as they walked, one of which was an Edgar Alan Poe tale. I love my kid. Thank heavens she’s found some like-minded friends who don’t feel the need to dress as Hannah Montana and appreciate a good old tale by Poe. So the Asian princess and the female pirate began their journey in search of all things candy.

The most exciting thing for Mari was that they got turned around and ended up a bit lost a few blocks from her friend’s house. She told me about it like it was the coolest adventure, ever. They had a cell phone and called for help, but it was apparently dicey for a time. Every child should have at least one “I-got-lost-on-halloween” stories for the grandkids, don’t you think?

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