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Cabbage Patch

August 26, 2008

Laura’s Blog Entry

It’s a vegetable-palooza around here. Our CSA has kept me on my toes with menu planning. I’ve also had to get creative and do a little preserving because the thee of us can’t even eat an entire 1/4 co-op share some weeks. So I am prepping some of the food (like parboiling green beans and sautéing some of the leeks) and freezing them in single meal-size containers for later use. My freezer is small, so we’ll see how long I can do this.

We worried that the CSA wouldn’t be the most economical enterprise, but we were doing it for the fresh, organic, locally grown produce. Well our grocery bill has been quite low compared to what they used to be. The co-op ends up being about $25 a week. Add that to our weekly grocery trip and we are still a good $20 less each week.

Last week we got some amazingly beautiful red cabbage.

It’s not usually what you’d use for cole slaw, because the color goes a bit weird, but that’s what I felt like making, so I did. I used my friend Danyne’s most amazing recipe. I can usually take or leave cole slaw. Some is good, some bad. This stuff is very yummy. The dressing is fantastic. Maybe because it has loads of sugar in it. Oh well. All the better to make the cabbage go down, right?

I’m pretty sure it is a copyrighted recipe, so I won’t publish it here, but if you’d like a copy let me know and I will email it to you.

I also made some wonderful salsa with some yellow Roma tomatoes. I use the recipe called “Fresh Tomato Salsa” from The New Basic Cookbook by Julee Rosso and Shelia Lukins. It has to sit for awhile before eating. Don’t try it right away because the flavors need to blend. It was gross yesterday when I mixed it up, but by dinnertime it was perfect.

It calls for fresh oregano, which I used for the first time yesterday. Usually I use 1 teaspoon of dried instead because I’ve never had any fresh. I grew some this year so I gave it a go. I think I still prefer the dried in this recipe. So there. I also do half the amount of scallions they call for. And maybe an extra squeeze of lime. Otherwise it is by the book.

I served it on quesadillas. I’ll post a recipe for those next. Really good.

We have found that with so many vegetables to eat up, we have decreased our meat intake even more. (And Andrew says – hooray!) I don’t plan to ever give it up completely, but I like to think of it as a side dish instead of an entrée.

Tonight is the last of our dinners provided by our friends. Missy brought homemade spaghetti sauce that we popped in the freezer. I can’t wait to try it. And the Trader Joe’s Garlic Parmesan Flatbread she brought, too. She said to top it with more Parmesan and bake. Yes, I think that I will.

Dinner, why are you still 6 hours away?

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