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Friday Night Not-So-Live

June 29, 2008

Neil’s Blog Post

Last night I performed at an event called Friday Night Live. There were several musicians/friends beside myself performing music in a variety of genres. For my part, I played some songs from my ambient industrial album When All Is Said And Done. I had also created some video accompaniment for my songs as well as some video for the other performers.

Now, when I say “performed,” what I mean is that I played my laptop. Even though I COULD have simply hit one button and played my songs right through, I thought that would be rather stupid at an event called Friday Night LIVE. Anyway, the music from When All Is Said And Done was originally created entirely from manipulating loops and samples. So when I played these songs “live,” I basically built up each track in real-time… manipulating those samples live and looping them until the final song was built up. Now, that’s not to say that doesn’t count as performance – believe me, it was very difficult to do that while keeping in time to the videos being projected – but it’s not as traditional as playing a musical instrument. But, hey – that’s me.

Now, I should probably mention that the last time I performed in front of people was about eighteen years ago. So, I was a bit nervous when it was time to go on… but I had no idea what was about to happen. When I started my first song, my hands started shaking as if I was having some kind of seizure. Try tapping your whole entire hand on a tabletop as fast as you can and you’ll get the idea. I was afraid that if my trembling hands hit the track pad too hard I would severely screw up the song (Note to self: Next time, bring an F-ing mouse). So, even as I imagined Laura sitting several feet behind me grimacing in sympathy, I took several deep breaths, asked for some help from above and managed to pull myself out of it. By the time the first song was done, I had regained composure and went on to finish the set.

While I don’t think I’ll be playing live again any time soon, I had a lot of fun and I think everyone enjoyed the music. And, this has got me even more pumped about the new record Laura and I have been working on. I’ll do another “Welcome to Gothy-Music-Land” post about that in the next week or so for those of you who are still interested in our progress. Until then…

Still with no pithy catchphrase,

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