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SOP 018 – “Welcome to Starbucks, You Frakkin’ Idiot!”

June 1, 2008

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It’s June… and conspiracy theories abound. From Starbucks to Depeche Mode’s best-kept secret, Neil gives us the inside track. We talk of our plans to see The Cure in Cleveland and beg and plead for some backstage access. We salute the accordion, Neil is attracted to the Iron Man, and we talk about the ever-evolving look of Battlestar Galactica – as well as the heart-wrenching lament of Lieutenant Gaeta. Did we mention that You Look Nice Today ?

Join us as we dish out a lovely, chilled out electronic summer mix featuring Trentemoller, Ulrich Schnauss, and Kiln.

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Music Guide
Album: When All Is Said and Done
Artist: Neil Smith

“Take Me Into Your Skin”
Artist: Trentemoller
Album: The Last Resort
Purchase from his label

“Edi Beo thu Hevene Quene”
Artist: Mari Smith

“…Passing By”
Artist: Ulrich Schnauss
Album: Far Away Trains Passing By

Artist: Kiln
Album: Dusker

Misc. Goodies and Links
Got Coasters?
Visit Laura on Etsy:

Pick up a signed copy of The Best of Depeche Mode and other goodies at:

Brody’s Photos with Depeche Mode

Read More Here:

Another Fan’s Story and Photos:

Depeche-Mode-song-accordion-playing Blogger: Creative-Type Dad

Movies Discussed in This Episode
Somewhere in Time

Gallery of Guys Neil Finds Attractive

Other Podcasts We Enjoy
You Look Nice Today
Podcast with Merlin Mann, Scott Simpson and Lonelysandwich. We bow at the feet of their podcasting brilliance.

The obligatory Depeche Mode Link

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Donell (rustidonell) permalink
    June 6, 2008 11:40 pm

    OK…Starbucks rant coming your way! I laughed all the way through your Starbucks bit!!! YES they absolutely DO correct you at Starbucks. And they make sure that you know that they know more than you do! So, I rebelled a long time ago. Please allow me to explain…

    All I pretty much ever order there is coffee. Yes folks, regular, no ice, no whip cream, no latte, no nonfat whatever. JUST COFFEE. All I want is a DECENT LARGE cup of coffee. Now this is America and we primarily speak English in this country right? I don’t know what language Starbucks uses but Venti, Grande and Tall don’t translate in my mind. All I want is a large cup of coffee darnit! The only exception to that is, YES room for cream please. I got fed up with not being able to remember whether Veti, Grande or Tall was “large”. And don’t get me started on all of their different kinds of coffees…they have their regular coffee, they have their coffee of the day and what seems like a plethora of other coffees. They were prompt to let me know that their “plain old regular” coffee is actually called a “drip” in the world ‘o’ Starbucks. So at first, after a few lessons (where yes, they do make you feel like a dumba$$) I though I had it down. So, I walk in Starbucks and say “Yes, may I have a Venti drip please, with room for cream.” Sounds pretty easy right? WRONG. They all do it, they change what it’s actually called, and they correct you!!! I was about ready to just say “Screw You Starbucks!! I’m going to the gas station!”. Stop the insanity.

    Then the more I though about it I though “hmmm, I could have fun with this…”. So I walked into Starbucks the next day and said “I’d like a large coffee please”. The clerks face goes blank. I can see the wheels turning as she’s trying to figure out what I just ordered. I’m smirking to myself as I kick back and watch her. A few seconds later she yells to the coffee maker guy something about a “drip” and a “venti”. I pay and a minute later she hands me what appears to be a plain old regular large cup of coffee. But of course, no room for cream. She probably did that just to get back at me for not ordering in Starbucks lingo.

    Anyway, I haven’t ordered a single drink in Starbucks by the proper name since. It’s to much fun to get back at them by ordering it my way and then watching them try to figure it out. 🙂 My husband won’t go to Starbucks with me anymore…he’s embarassed (and I quote) by my “childish behavior”.

  2. Sue permalink
    June 10, 2008 9:07 am

    We also have a Public Holiday in June in most of the states of Australia. The silly thing is that it is for the Queen’s birthday… Even the UK doesn’t get a day off for the Queen’s birthday! We’re a lazy lot here, any excuse for a day off. 🙂

    We have Starbucks here in Australia, but I’ve never been there, I’ve heard they burn the beans and it tastes bitter? Reckon I’ll steer clear, I prefer a nice cuppa tea anyway. I wonder if they would be offended if I just asked for a cup of boiling water and took my own tea bag? How would they repeat it back to me? A hot grande H2O?

    As June is accordian month I must also say that Tim Minchin my favourite comedian not only plays the piano beautifully, and the guitar but he plays the accordian too. SO talented.

  3. June 10, 2008 9:18 am

    Sue, they actually serve pretty good tea at Starbucks – at least here in the states they carry the Tazo brand. Not sure how you are supposed to order it, tho! Some are of the opinion they over-roast. I personally think it’s not so much over-roasting, but how skilled the person running the espresso machine is. That can make it taste burned. But what do I know? I just watched the video that came with my espresso machine and that hardly makes me an expert.

    HA! That video was funny! I always enjoy a gothy looking rocker with eye makeup. Plus how brilliant is the line “This world would be fantastic… if we got rid of all the plastic.” I’m going to watch his other Youtube clips – thanks!

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