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It All Hits the Fan

May 27, 2008

Laura’s Blog Entry

My apologies for the light blog entries. And they will continue to be light through the rest of the week. Next to December, this is the busiest month of the year for The Smiths. It’s the last week of school and Mari has rehearsals every day for her recital that is Friday AND Saturday night. BECAUSE ONE SHOW IS NOT ENOUGH, PEOPLE.

We did manage to record the June podcast, so it will be posted for you on June 1st. Neil chose some cool, chilled out electronic tunes that are perfect for summer. Plus we should have a podcast video extra as well. Just because we love you.

Here are a few odds and ends…

Along with Mari’s recital this week, she also was honored to participate in a show for the Girlfriendology Podcast. Our friend Debba created the Girlfriendology website and show, and we have recently caught up with her at our local New Media Cincinnati group. Debba was planning to do an interview with Carol Duvall. Mari and I are big fans of Carol, who had a craft show on HGTV for many, many years, and a 56-year career in television! When Mari was a preschooler, we would watch Carol every day together.

So Debba asked if Mari would like to submit a question to Carol. We recorded it and sent it in. You can hear the whole interview, along with Mari’s question here (or on iTunes). Carol was very sweet to provide such a nice answer. Mari’s face lit up as she listened (although she ran out of the room when she heard her own voice!)

The Girlfriendology Podcast has lots of interesting interviews, as well as contests with great prizes, so check it out!

Finally, a few items regarding this website. I recently updated the “About” page with some more detailed info about us and some photos. Thrilling, I know.

Plus I discovered the other day that if you want to follow the comments on a particular post, you can do so by clicking at the bottom of the post where it says:

“You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed”

It will make you a bookmark for those comments. Who knew? Not me!

OK, I am off to clean the house. The in-laws arrive later this week to attend the recital. And I have to make a run out to get yet another last-minute costume item: white bobby pins. I can keep them in Mari’s new fancy stage makeup kit.

I saw one of the teen dancers had one of these at the last show and I decided it would make life so much easier to have this thing stocked with her supplies. Now we won’t have to run around grabbing everything before each show. Note that empty prescription bottles make great containers for safety and bobby pins.

With all this going on, I even took the time to make Dining Room draperies, because Neil’s parents gave me a gift card for Christmas, and I had planned to use it for draperies. Since they are visiting, I wanted to have them up. Photos will be forthcoming. Because summer is almost here! And I can stop driving all over creation everyday and get more done! Or sleep!

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