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It’s Never Too Soon To Start the Christmas Knitting

May 13, 2008

Laura’s Blog Entry (Like Neil would write about this…)

Yes, the Christmas knitting is already well underway. I am doing another shawl. This one is rectangular and almost approaches small afghan status. It’s for someone wool-allergic, so I went with Lion Brand Homespun in Corinthian.

It really is very soft. I like the basketweave pattern, which would show up even more in a solid color. But I love THIS color.

I got the free pattern here. All the counting in the design isn’t driving me too demented once I started putting in stitch markers in each row after every repeat. That way if I end up with the wrong amount of stitches somehow, I can easily find the error in the row.

I think this would be nice in a soft wool, cotton, or especially in a silk-blend yarn, if I had a bigger knitting budget. It would be great to have this lying on the sofa for TV watching.

I have formulated a little list of other Christmas knitting that will be mindless and portable for summer vacation travel. But first I am going to use up my leftover Lion Cotton Ease and crochet a Market Bag (click on the Pattern Finder and search for pattern #60551). Mine will be in multi-colored bands of white, pink and green. I’ll feel like I am back in high school when I carry it. Remind me to tell you all about my uber-preppy phase in the early 1980’s. Once something like that happens your only choice is to go goth for the rest of your life as penance.

Speaking of goth, I also have been progressing on the black trinity stitch cardigan (called The Flirty Sweater in Ready, Set, Knit by Sasha Kagan.) Remember, I am NOT putting on the bow closure the pattern calls for. Perhaps a tasteful little skull button closure instead?

Slowly progressing. OK, I ripped out 37 rows and started over because it was riddled with errors. There I said it. Now I am up to almost 50 rows and I only see one error and I can live with it. This pattern is impossible to ladder-down to fix an error due to the complicated pattern. So I have to really concentrate on each row, and use stitch markers to count. It’s getting a little faster, but not much. I am not in a hurry on this, though.

Finally, I made another pair of baby booties for a friend.

( Pattern Finder: Glamour-Baby’s First Booties) I tried another cashmere blend, (Bernat Cashmere Natural Blends) which turned out OK. It is very soft, but it didn’t have the body of the Lion Cashmere Blend that I used the first time. The Bernat would make a wonderfully soft scarf, though.

Now I want to go and work on the shawl, because when it is finished I’m starting that market bag. It will be fun to have a crochet project for a change. Today is Creative Wednesday! So I’m off to work on vocals and write a podcast script. And find time to knit? Ha. Ever the optimist.

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  1. jackalberson permalink
    May 16, 2008 10:00 am

    The missus has taken up bag-making at home. It’s awesome to see people being crafty!

  2. Heather permalink
    June 2, 2008 7:34 am

    Lion Brand Homespun is such a wonderful yarn – I’ve used it many times. The varied colors add a lovely dimension to any project. As for ripping out 37 rows, I know how that goes. It’s so hard to accept that you must do it, but in the long run it’s the better choice. All of your projects look great!

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