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Spring Fever: Take 4

April 21, 2008

Laura’s Blog Entry

I took a day off blogging yesterday, but not from the spring blitz! I went out and cleared the entire herb garden, and got the herbs planted. It wasn’t as big a mess as it was last year, but it still took a few hours of digging and bending. Ready for another “Before and After”? I know you are!


While I was outside I also snapped a few photos of the few spring bloomers I have. This is a Bleeding Heart. What a gothy flower; I mean really!

The whole plant looks like this:

Too bad it only blooms for about a month or so. It also needs partial shade, so I don’t see it much because it is around the corner of the front porch.

Here is my only attempt at planting bulbs:

I can’t even remember what it is called. The information is down in the basement somewhere. The star-shaped flowers close at night and reopen each morning. Plants that do that remind me that these are living things. It’s kind of creepy when you think about it. Opening and closing flowers. What’s next? Self-awareness? Uniting against their Cylon overseers for their bad treatment in the garden? Now I’m scaring myself. I shouldn’t have watched two episodes of Battlestar Galactica – one right after the other – yesterday afternoon.

After much work, and getting completely covered in dirt (as well as covering my iPod and my thermal carafe in dirt) it was finally done. Hey, I even sprinked around a bit of fertilizer. Take that, self-aware-plant-rebellion!


I keep looking out my office window to admire my efforts.

Today I am catching up on computer stuff, but there is still more organization to come! Stay tuned for next action-packed blog-isode!

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  1. April 28, 2008 10:25 am

    Check out that before and after, you’ve been really busy! The pig figurine is just too cute. I used to have a Bleeding Heart when we lived in Pittsburgh and should have taken it with us when we moved. The guy who bought our house ripped out the entire garden except for the hostas. 😛 (Not that I cruise past like a stalker when we happen to be in the area…. oh my no, LOL!) 😉

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